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Doodlebugs and Dowsers: A History of Unusual Ways to Search for Oil

Dates:November 15, 2023
Meets:W from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Location:Tech Plaza 218
Cost: $10.00

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What lies beneath the ground? Our poor eyesight cannot penetrate even an inch into the soil, so for centuries, fortune seekers have tried everything imaginable to see below the surface. Whether searching for mineral veins, groundwater, or buried treasure, people have looked for ways to avoid the plodding and backbreaking process of digging. Author Dan Plazak will take us through the popular history of the eccentric and nonscientific methods used in oil exploration. Author Dan Plazak is a retired geologist and engineer. He is a graduate of Michigan Tech and the Colorado School of Mines. His principal interest is in oddball topics neglected by other historians. He lives in Denver, Colorado.
Fee: $10.00

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Course Fee (Basic)Online Fee$ 10.00
Course Fee (Alternate)In-Person Fee$ 10.00

Tech Plaza 218

1901 University Ave
Lubbock, TX

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