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Abilene Heritage Square: The First 100 Years

Dates:April 16, 2024
Meets:Tu from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Cost: $15.00

There are 986 physical openings remaining.

Please note: this course requires membership in Abilene Membership or Fredericksburg Membership or Highland Lakes Membership or Jefferson Membership or Lubbock Membership

Abilene Heritage Square is an eight-acre, $78 million project to turn a historic high school into a “community living room,” including a new state-of-the-art public library. Among the many thousands of people passing through its doors were war heroes, mayors, future nuclear physicists, inspirational teachers and a few scoundrels. The Legacy Committee's goal is to tell the story of those thousands who love the building.
Fee: $15.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)In-Person Fee$ 15.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Online Fee$ 10.00


1650 Pine St.
Abilene, TX 79601

Gwen White

Instructor Gwen White taught at Lincoln Middle School and is co-chair of the Legacy Committee of Abilene Heritage Square.

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